Dark Tower Solutions offers a number of additional services which are not included in the standard service charge.

Bespoke development
In some cases the publisher may wish to integrate the content delivery platform with an existing internal application or database. This would require bespoke development and would be estimated on a case-by-case basis. Dark Tower Solutions also offer project management services to assist publishers in delivery bespoke solutions.

Keyword registration
The standard service allows consumers to text in a request for content in a set format. For example: 'get clip 01' would get content item 01 and deliver it to the consumer. In some cases the publisher may wish to make this easier for the consumer by registering a single keyword to get the same result. Keyword registrations are charged at around £20 per month.

Global shortcodes
The shortcode is the number the consumer sends the text message to. In some cases additional shortcodes need to be purchased for different countries e.g. Japan does not share shortcodes with other countries.